Executive MBA

Program! 2016.04.18

Full-time MBA Program
EMBA offers four concentrations: Business Administration, Finance, Marketing, and Accounting & Information Management. To coordinate the development and personnel training of the Central Taiwan Science Park, EMBA establishes “Business Management Group” in the Central Taiwan Science Park (2009-2013). In addition, to study the operations and experience of the Taiwanese businessmen in China and enhance the competitiveness and management abilities, EMBA also establishes “Cross-Strait Taiwanese Businessman Group” in Shanghai. Furthermore, EMBA founded “Business Leader Group” so as to transmit the successful experience of business management from Taiwan’s small and medium enterprise.
Learning Goals and Objectives

Learning Goal Objectives
Critical Thinking 1. Critical Thinking
Global Views 2. Global Views
Social Responsibilities 3. Responsibility and Ethics
Problem-Solving 4. Problem-Solving Abilities
Coordination 5. Coordination