UCR, SOBA Visited COM on Jan. 24th, 2018 and signed MoU

Global Cooperation! 2018.01.25


  1. Dr. Yunzeng Wang, Dean of School of Business
  2. Dr. Hieu Nguyen, Associate Vice Chancellor
  3. Mr. Adrian Stevens, Sr. Director of Development
  4. Ms. Tamra Johnson, Associate Director of International Relations
  5. Ming-Hung (Ray) Lin, Associate Dean of College of Management
  6. Dr. Clyde Warden, Director at Office of International Affairs
  7. Dr. Meng-Hsiun (Mason) Tsai, Executive of Cornerstone Center for Academia-Industry Research
  8. Dr. Chao-Hsiung Lee, Associate Professor of Department of Finance
  9. Dr.  Jiana-Fu Wang, Associate Professor of Department of Marketing
  10. Ching-Ching Hou, Assistant of International Affairs, COM